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Our work has to pay off

The benefits of our services are measurable. Any effects of modifications and optimizations can be recorded in the online environment and the obtained data can be consequently analysed. This information is used to evaluate our work and at the same time they provide important information for next steps.

The team behind RadekSikyr.cz primarily emphasizes the knowledge gained during years of working in this field. Our work must reach your target audience and get you enough clients to earn a profit.

What you can expect from us


We believe that the best results can only be achieved if we truly and deeply understand our field of expertise. That is why all our team members still educate themselves and keep track of the current trends which they can subsequently incorporate into projects.

People enjoy the benefits

Our team is aware of the fact that there is always a person at the centre of all the technologies and it is that person who decides to make a purchase. Therefore, we always focus primarily on his or her experience which is what increases sales. The person is always the first priority, the tools and search engines come next.


We understand that complex projects need detailed planning and keeping the deadlines goes without saying for us.

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